Jason Hine

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney

Jason Hine is a qualified criminal defense attorney whose drive and determination have played a crucial role in the success we have enjoyed as a criminal defense firm thus far.

A skilled lawyer and an expert negotiator, Jason has represented clients facing a variety of charges – from misdemeanors to Class A felonies – and everything in between. He is known for his attention to detail, persuasive argumentation skills, and compassionate approach to criminal defense.

Jason strongly believes that a successful criminal defense firm is one that provides personalized legal representation to its clients. It is why he goes to great lengths to get to know his clients better, understand their needs, and get a sense of what they expect out of him.

An avid reader, Jason loves to stay updated on the changes in state and federal laws and refreshing his knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Jeff Hine

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

Jeff Hine is an experienced Missouri personal injury attorney who has a track record of fighting on behalf of clients who deserve rightful compensation for injuries sustained by the misdeeds or incompetence of others. He is an ardent advocate for the everyday person, and he brings this passion with him into the courtroom as a Missouri personal injury attorney. 

Right from a young age, Jeff was interested in personal injury law. After parlaying this interest into a career in law, Mr. Hine would eventually go on to establish Miller & Hine Law, a Missouri criminal defense and personal injury firm.  

Thanks to his in-depth understanding of Missouri state law and his experience as a personal injury litigator, Jeff has fought and won Missouri personal injury cases pertaining to:

When he is not working on a case, Jeff loves spending time with his family, in addition to mentoring young lawyers and students on various aspects of Missouri personal injury law. 

Jimmy Miller

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney

Jimmy Miller is the kind of attorney you would want to represent you if your life was on the line. His ability to remain calm and collected even in the most chaotic of circumstances makes him a prolific attorney and an even greater asset for our criminal defense firm.

Jimmy provides legal representation to clients facing state and federal misdemeanor and felony charges in Missouri. Perceptive by nature, Jimmy is known for his ability to grasp the complexities of different types of criminal cases and prepare elaborate and aggressive defense strategies for his clients.

His success as a criminal defense attorney has allowed Jimmy Miller to advance rapidly in his profession and earn the respect of his peers within a short span of time. When he is not sparring with prosecutors, Jimmy likes to watch football, basketball, and hockey with his friends.

Paul Vysotsky

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney

Paul Vysotsky handles exclusively criminal defense.

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