Missouri Product Liability & Defective Products Attorneys

For those harmed by a defective product in Missouri, our product liability lawyers can help you receive the compensation you may be entitled to under the law. Either the person who was injured or the family of a person who has died as a result of a defective product can file a products liability claim.

A product liability case can arise with the use of any product. A product is anything that is sold, except services and real estate. Machinery used in the office, in industry, in the home, or on the farm are the most common causes of personal injury and product liability litigation. The same is true of drug products sold over-the-counter or by prescription, food products sold in restaurants, and groceries sold in supermarkets.

Missouri law requires that manufacturers and sellers of products ensure that their products are not defective or dangerous to users. Companies must provide proper warning if using the product is unsafe or if using the product in a certain way could be hazardous to the user’s safety or health. Many of the injuries or deaths that are the result of defective products could have been avoided if the manufacturers used better design and the sellers abided by the laws to properly warn users of such dangers.

At Miller & Hine, we firmly believe that companies who don’t follow the law must be held accountable. If you have been injured by a defective product, inadequate warning against hazards, or by other deficiencies in design, manufacture, distribution, and instruction, contact our firm for a free consultation.